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We help heat and power plant managers, as well as independent growers, to establish, cultivate and harvest low-maintenance, high-yield energy crops.

In the race to produce clean energy, elite varieties of willow have emerged as one of the best renewable energy options.

Municipalities can also use fast-growing willow plantations for wastewater treatment. Less expensive than conventional treatment methods, plantation systems help smaller communities meet evolving wastewater discharge standards.

Our elite energy-dense willow varieties were specifically developed for use as stable, cost-effective woody fuel sources. They can be fired on their own or co-fired with other biomass fuels or fossil fuels such as coal.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of purpose-grown woody biomass crops.

Two-year's growth, Salix 'Tully Champion'
Olivier Bonnefoy, Nursery Manager
Two-year's growth, Salix 'Tully Champion'
Prince George, BC, Canada
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